by Theogony

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Theogony is about the music itself and the process of writing and production; there is nothing to preach. Dedicated to the strongest of men. Without their support, inspiration and love this album would not have been made. To M.B. and T.A.


released January 15, 2014

Composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Theogony.
Lyrics by Theogony.
Performed with guitars crafted by



all rights reserved


Theogony Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: The Five And Those Who Followed
Apeiron! Primordial fabric!
From which newborn atoms all fearfully flee
And so drawn to the blade that severs horizons
Cosmic dagger that knows no sleep

Emanating from the source of unbearable pain
Vibrations ascend, pentatonic, with shape
Congealing in crystalline echoes of Chaos
That whisper the origins of divinity's reign.

Enveloped in the dust of creation,
and cloaked in nocturnal
The first, the five,
The few, the eternal.

The ensuing storm
Perpetuating genesis
Texturing the air
with the chromaticism of untamed forms.

Therein lies the pool
Where dissonance births the murk
A lone vapor rises
A willing breath of the earth

Enveloped in the dust of creation
But bathed in diurnal
The children, the twelve,
The many, the immortal.
Track Name: Golden Age
Observe that which is
the patricidal instigation
For he carved the plane
that shall ever separate them
With tainted cresecent red
Duality emboldened
So lies the celestial sphere
Under ages golden

Behold the sterile Father, suspended in torment
Ever in sight of the earth
Bask in the liberation of the fertile Mother,
For the ascendant sought blood in the pit, and returned

Ending in rapture
Vengeance enthroned
The ancient tremors imprisoned
In depth's deathly hold
How it strangles the air!
With victorious volition
Now twice hath kings
Conquered creation

Does the harvest of the soil not yield the poisoned fruits of mortality?
Condensing into matters of which the particles know not,
Fear for the hearts of men
For the children of the deathless have become
Fear for the fate that haunts immortals
While the cursed sickle still shines with divine blood

Conjurer of man's affliction
Creatrix, primordial dark
How the world shall tremble
Under the gravity of your mark

Pontus, giver of life
With Heaven restrained
So followed the floods
The ancestral cells
Abiogenesis: The Great Divide

Unbound Essence!
Reap the golden crop
That grows in the shadows of Othrys
For last it shall not
Track Name: Usurper (End of Days)
Master and servant, one to become
Hold, in essence, worldly despair
Reverberations of the thunderous drum
Thy hourglass measures existence ere

Wrapped in fate, apocalyptic song
Granted escape, internal throng
Shielded to cosmic emanation
Seed of impending usurpation

Master and servant, one to succumb
Lack, in essence, an unaccounted heir
Reverberations within, falling numb
Attenuations await final prayer

Tucked away in black Lyetus hence
Beneath the stone, rising vehemence
From youthful whispers: revolution
Forth from the isle, bearing emetic potion

For the sky shall darken and the light shall fade
Come hither and nearer thou end of days.
Track Name: Liberation
On the shores of Archipelago
Foretold the gathering tide
The crimson waves of lasting war
Of decades shall divide

An upset equilibrium
Upon the golden sea
Remember how lay the cosmos
Rejoice! For this edge shall rend its starry tree

Within the vessels of god
So irrigate his poisoned veins
Blood that which is and is not
Genesis locked in acidic chains

Coaxed forth by thunder
Into the blinding light
The prison torn asunder
Revenge shall reignite

Behold the precipice
That holds all death and victory
Like he who came before
The ashen gates must again be breached

Nine days as the anvil falls
Air transposed to fume and dust
Slumber the forgotten chthonic halls
And the guardian to which he hath entrust

By the powers of god
So incarcerate his siblings cursed
Blood that which is and is not
Elements held in existence first

Brought forth by thunder
Into the blinding light
The prison torn asunder
Revenge shall reignite

Down again into the darkness in which was sought
The despised offspring
The primordial corruptions of God
Track Name: Assault Upon the Empyrean
O, heavenly sun
Seat of empire
An audience gathered
Congregation of matter
For the smothering of the purified one

Waits undoing,
Sole vastation ring
The bane of all fathers
Grey stare of Styx
To Above now transfixed

Heart of two mountains
Catenation, blood fountain
Convergence of self
Of Adamant and Aegis
Therein lies an abyss
Divergence of God

Rewarding resistance
With the promise of ascendance
So weights the storm
A deathly course
Force upon force!
Hearken all shadow

Welcome this rapture
Harbinger, Cretan son
From atop Myktikas
The firmament undone

In this grand metastasis
Keepers of Quintessence!

Aeolian plain
O, pestilence
That fouls the grain
With hate sowed in elder scape
of stillborn fields

O, celebration
Claim that which holds the purest fire
Track Name: Monarch
Aegeum darkness
Omphalos deceit
Divine ashes
Vaporous heat

Penultimate hour
Final Sun
Bright upper air
Domain of one

Under Phosphorus
Vestiges of peace
Lost to star's fluoresce'

Radiant dawn
Halo engulfing
Swift descent
Celestial passing

Glaring amber
Staggering strife
Coercing elements
Into crashing light

Between two hosts
On sacred ground
Monarch rising
Severed crown

Kingly rival
Awakened brothers
Ancient reprisal

Of Erebus
And primal union
Answer to all
Edge of ruin

Vigor and fury,
Limb and craft
Seismic convulsions
Might unsurpassed

Grandest burial
Cataclysmic end
Bronze gates watchful
Dodekathaeon ascend

Glaring amber
Staggering strife
Coercing elements
Into crashing light

Between two hosts
On sacred ground
Monarch rising
Severed crown

Olympus! Lasting peak!
Of which divided dignities
Might tame timorous winds
And restore the reliquaries of matter